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Our Goal

Every 3.5 seconds someone in the world dies from lack of food. Food is a luxury a lot of us take for granted, but there are those who struggle every day just to find one meal. Fortunately, putting an end to world hunger has never been easier.

Tripura Foundation has created Million Meals of HoPE with one goal in mind – Spark a global movement of compassion and joy to feed the hungry of the world.


We’ll Feed On Your Behalf

Every $1.00 = 5 Meals

Donate to our cause and we’ll see that every dollar you give will provide 5 hungry people with a much needed meal..


It’s Time For Change


If the world is going to make a change, we have to create it. If you don’t agree with having over a billion people dying of starvation and thirst on our planet, exercise your right to make a difference…

Join the movement to serve One Million Meals Of HoPE!


Feed On Your Own

Reach out to your local community and donate to a food bank, host feedings, or simply provide a meal to someone in need. When you’re done, sign into your account and log your meals served to add to the collective count.


Take Action

1. Enter your information in the form above to the right to get your FREE membership log-in details sent directly to your inbox. Sign in to your membership account to:

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2. Click

Donate Meals and feed 5 people with every dollar you spend.

3. Add the total people you feed on your own to your log.

Stories You Shared


Family and Friends Bond During a Million Meals of HoPE Feeding Event in Singapore

Family and Friends Bond During a Million Meals of HoPE Feeding Event in Singapore


Feeding Those Who Have Been Largely Forgotten

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Andrew Steiner


Our volunteers fed mother and daughter 'coolies' (laborers) who earn seasonal wages and often experience starvation periods between jobs
We brought HoPE to 82-year-old Palayi, a lonely, very poor and often hungry woman whose sons long ago migrated to other regions